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Recently I signed up for a website called Quora where people can ask and answer questions on a number of topics. There are several very interesting discussions taking place in the “Education” category, so I decided to answer a question.

The question asked what the future of textbooks is, and I drew on trends that I witnessed in textbook design over the past few years. Take a look:

Textbooks are already starting to shift in form. I think that there will always be a small number of people who want to read content or complete assessments right on the page, but thanks to increased costs and emerging technologies that number will continue to decline.

In the future, textbooks will likely operate as a subscription service, where a student pays $xx for an access code that allows them to access a portal that contains content that can be downloaded onto tablets or smart phones, self-assessment tests, video content to improve learning, and even discussion boards where students can speak with tutors. It is already like that now to a degree, but I think in the next few years you will see more companies moving their content online and devoting their time/money to adding new content to this portal instead of on creating new editions of the same textbook.

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