Anthony Navetta Talks Summer Vacation

The other day I blogged about my Anthony Navetta Quora account (Anthony Navetta Answers Lecture Question on Quora) and today I would like to spotlight another question I answered recently.

This question asked whether or not summer vacation is outdated and after my many years of teaching, I know a thing or two about traveling during summer vacation. Here was my response:

I don’t think so. Even though many public schools are switching to a year-round schedule, the majority still have an extended summer vacation built into their schedule.

The notion of summer vacation being outdated seems to imply that it has always existed and is going away, when in fact summer vacation is a more recent phenomenon seen as a way to prevent children from being over-stressed and over-stimulated by spending too many days in school. Earlier in our nation’s history, kids in rural areas would go to school in the summer and have off in the spring and fall to help with planting and harvesting crops on the family farm.

Families still go on vacation during the summer but I think that their vacations are getting shorter. It is more difficult to ask off of work for a long stretch of time than it would have been 50 years ago, so vacations are shorter. Luckily, advances in transportation mean that families can do more today in less time so that they can still enjoy a trip on a reduced schedule.

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